The 51 Squadron based out of Srinagar air base that operates MiG-21 Bison aircraft will be number plated on September 30 till it is revived again when Tejas Mk1A induction begins. Earlier it was to be replaced by the second squadron of the Tejas Mk1 fleet but it seems 51 Squadron will be equipped and re-raised sometime in 2025 again.

Tejas Mk1A which is an upgraded Tejas aircraft equipped with AESA Fire Control Radar and a host of improvements will start deliveries from 2024 onwards. IAF that operates Two Squadrons of Tejas Mk1 jets are based out of South Indian states and are frequently deployed at the forward airbase for familiarization sorties when there is heightened tension at the border.

All Four existing Mig-21 Bis squadrons will be retired by 2025 and all will be re-equipped with LCA-Tejas Mk1A aircraft that will start induction from 2024 onwards till 2029. Existing Mig-21Bis squadrons are mostly based on the western border with Pakistan.

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