The largest private broadcaster in South Korea, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has reported that the Korean FA-50 jet aircraft has won the contract for the supply of 18 units of FA-50 jet from Malaysia at 1 trillion won. According to the SBS report, the deal likely will be concluded next week as per their sources inside Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) which manufactures this jet.

Recently Indian media reports confirmed Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) had declared the FA-50 winner of its tender for 18 light combat aircraft (LCA) but the Ministry of Finance (MoF) had objected to the deal citing the high price of the jets amid allegations that some of the parties involved or even those affiliated with them are lobbying for the award despite the tenderers not meeting all the requirements fixed by the end user.

At this point, Indian-state owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has not confirmed this report but chances of LCA-Tejas winning the Malaysian tender seem bleak since some Malaysian media reports indicate that no concrete evidence or allegations have emerged so chances of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission been told to investigate this matter is low and deal might be cleared.

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