The Supersonic Omni Role Trainer Aircraft (SpORT) a Proposed lead-in-fighter trainer (LIFT) built on the Light Combat Aircraft Twin-seater Trainer platform has been renamed as LCA-LIFT keeping with international conventions, confirmed Group Captain Harsh Vardhan Thakur, Test Pilot with HAL who had conceived SpORT Program and has been confirmed that the program is now a full-fledged separate program which will be developed in parallel with the Tejas Mk1A Program now by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

LCA-LIFT built on the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas platform is a fighter trainer that can help pilots of modern aircraft including the Rafale and SU-30 MKi that can also be used as a Combat aircraft when required by the airforce.

LCA-LIFT Program was not demanded by IAF but was designed when HAL wanted to participate in the US’ T-X program for a new-generation trainer. has been informed that IAF was mighty impressed by the presentation made by the HAL and features it could offer to develop LCA-LIFT, that it has now got all required approvals and permissions from IAF to explore the LCA-LIFT Program which could lead to IAF placing an order of 40+ jets.

LCA-TejEx in Pipeline

HAL after LCA-LIFT Program also wants to develop LCA-TejEx for Export Market that will be based on single-seater baseline Tejas Mk1 will come with non-Israeli and Russian weapons and systems customized as per interested countries.

LCA-TejEx will be pitched to potential export customers with multiple options for its main sensors and weapons package and customer is free to choose between them. The influx of Russian and Western along with Indian technology in Tejas Mk1 and further improvements in weapons and sensors in Tejas Mk1A means customers can choose between both variants also.

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