Indian Navy is looking to procure a Squadron of the final operational configuration LCA-Navy Mk1 as an ab initio trainer jets for the naval pilots to hone their skills in Deck-based operation from the aircraft carrier before they graduate to flying high-performance deck based fighter jets like Mig-29k and TEDBF. has been informed that the Navy is considering HAL’s proposal to procure 18 jets that will be deputed on board both aircraft carriers to serve as an upcoming dedicated carrier training squadron and also has a point air defense interceptor.

The Indian Navy already has inducted 17 Hawk 132, Advanced Jet Trainer aircraft in 2013 that are used for the training of combat pilots in the Navy by bridging the gap between basic flying training and advanced fighter flying, but can’t be used for Deck-based operation from the aircraft carrier . LCA-Navy Mk1 that has demonstrated deck-based operations from the INS Vikramaditya in 2019, that will be used to train advanced stage of training of Pilots before they move to Mig-29K and later to TEDBF Squadrons.

Both naval LCA prototypes NP-1 (trainer) and NP-2 (fighter) will soon be joined by the NP-5 (trainer) that will be used to carry out off-nominal landing trials to study and collect data on the stress points on the landing gears and will be final design specs of what might be ordered later by the Indian Navy.

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