Last Year, had reported that the Indian Navy is looking to procure a squadron of the FOC configured LCA-Navy Mk1 Trainer aircraft to be used as an ab initio trainer jet for the naval pilots to hone their skills in Deck-based operation from the aircraft carrier before they graduate to flying high performance deck based fighter jets like Mig-29k and TEDBF.

While HAL is carrying out final fittings on the LCA-Navy NP-5 Trainer aircraft, which will be used to further collect data for the development of the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF), HAL is also in talks with Navy to link the LCA-Tejas LIFT program with the LCA-NAVY Mk1 program to maintain commonality with avionics and also cater to redundancy and obsoletion of the technology.

While IAF is already onboard the LCA-Tejas LIFT program, actual project works will only begin after the completion of the integration and testing of the newer upgraded technologies that are to be incorporated as part of the Tejas Mk1A program. LCA-NAVY Mk1 Trainer program will provide deck-based operation experience to the newer pilots after graduating from the BAe Hawk AJTs before they move to the Mig-29K or TEDBF Squadrons.

If HAL can get the Navy onboard the LCA-NAVY Mk1 LIFT program then it will incorporate not only new cockpit layout and avionics but also offer more realistic performance for trainee pilots where the aircraft can be used used to mimic platforms like TEDBF or Mig-29K so to give trainer pilots a better understanding of the characteristics of the aircraft before they fly it.

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