LCA-Naval Team of ADA has approached Naval Headquarters formally after Two Naval prototypes of the LCA concluded intense series of trials from the Shore-based Test Facility (SBTF) in Goa recently to Naval prototypes can start aircraft carrier trials from the deck of INS Vikramaditya from next month.

Naval Headquarter has set up a review board to study all the trial reports and decide when INS Vikramaditya can be made available for the carrier trials to begin. LCA-Naval Team has asked India’s lone aircraft carrier made available for a month for trials which will see take-offs and landings from the deck of the aircraft carrier in a clean configuration in Phase-I. has learned that INS Vikramaditya will be stationed in high seas close to INS Hansa Naval base in Goa so that in case of in-flight emergency LCA-Naval prototypes can land back at the INS Hansa where they have been stationed for a while now. Phase-I of the aircraft carrier trials will only involve take-off and landings in clean configuration and Phase-I which has been planned at a later stage will see take-off and landings with different air defense and anti-ship weapons configuration.

LCA-Naval Mk1 prototypes will never enter production but ADA has proposed to the Indian Navy to use the LCA-Naval Mk1 Trainer variant to be used as a carrier-capable, jet trainer for new pilots after they move from BAE Hawks AJTs operated by the Indian Navy. Many of the current bread of Mig-29K Instructor pilots of the Indian Navy were trained by US Navy on their T-45A Goshawk for carrier operations and ADA feels LCA-Naval Mk1 Trainer can fill that gap.

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