A month back, in an exclusive report, we at had reported that the LCA-AF Mk2 program is suffering from delays due to the outbreak of the CCP Virus directly at HAL facility and in the facility of the private MSME supply chain for the program. Chairman and Managing Director R. Madhavan, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) speaking to the media has confirmed report and said that “We expect the first prototype to be ready by next year-end. It will be lengthier and is under the design stage with structural and systems plans in place. It will take one year for the ground runs and the then flight trails will start to be completed by 2026-27”.

LCA-AF Mk2 rollout that was planned in August 2022 now officially has been postponed to December 2022 and ceremonial rollout that was planned to coincide to commemorate the 75th year of Indian Independence is also now in doubts. The first flight of LCA-AF Mk2 that was to be concluded by August 2023 most likely will take place in early 2024.

LCA-AF Mk2 production might only start in 2029-30.

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