Girish Deodhare, chief of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has confirmed that MWF-Mk2 will come equipped with indigenously developed Uttam AESA radar from the start from 2022 when the aircraft will be rolled out for its first flight in 2023, he also confirmed that even though India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has placed orders for ELM-2052 AESA fire control radars along with pod-mounted ELL-8222W (wideBand) self-protection jamming pod from Israeli’s ELTA, there is scope that Uttam will also be equipped on Tejas Mk-1A.

Deodhare also said that Uttam AESA Fire control Radar (FCR) which has been flying onboard LSP-2 has completed 11 successful test flights and within a couple of more years of flight testing it will be certified and it will be ready for production and will be available to be equipped on Tejas Mk-1A.

HAL officials have informed that a deal for 83 ELM-2052 FCR and ELL-8222W EW Jamming pod have been ordered and will be equipped on the first lot of Tejas Mk-1A aircraft but there is also understanding between with IAF and DRDO that later batches might come equipped with indigenously developed Uttam AESA radar instead of ELTA’s ELM-2052 FCR. was able to track down an original agreement between HAL and ELTA and according to other information revealed to us, ELTA will be supplying 24 ELM-2052 FCR in a fully assembled configuration and 8 additional will come in kit form which will be locally assembled by HAL technicians under supervision of the ELTA back in Bengaluru so the contract is only for 32 units but there is provision for local assembly with some level of transfer of technology which comes when order is bigger so local production may or not happen depending on the availability of the indigenously developed Uttam AESA radar.

While HAL and ADA, officials won’t confirm how many Tejas Mk-1A units will come equipped with ELM-2052 FCR and Uttam FCR for the time being it likely that first 32 Tejas Mk-1A aircraft which will go into construction will be equipped with ELM-2052 FCR and 51 from the later batch will come equipped with Uttam FCR if it is ready for production somewhere around 2024-25 which DRDO feels can be accomplished.

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