Lieutenant Governor B D Mishra affirmed on Saturday that Ladakh’s development is on track since its separation from the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019. He dismissed speculations of Chinese incursions in Ladakh as politically driven, emphasizing the government’s commitment to safeguarding the rights of Ladakhis and the territorial integrity of the Union Territory.

Mishra, a retired Indian Army Brigadier, war veteran, and former Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, underscored the government’s unwavering stance on protecting India’s borders. He asserted that the Chinese leadership is well aware that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolute leadership will not cede an inch of Indian territory.

On the development front, Mishra highlighted the government’s efforts to enhance infrastructure, promote tourism, and empower the local population. He expressed confidence that Ladakh will soon emerge as the most developed Union Territory in India.

Ladakh’s transformation into a Union Territory has sparked optimism among its residents, who anticipate accelerated progress and economic growth. The government’s commitment to preserving Ladakh’s cultural heritage and fostering sustainable development further reinforces the region’s promising future.

While addressing concerns about Chinese incursions, Mishra’s assertion provides reassurance to the Ladakhi people and reiterates the government’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding national security. The combination of development initiatives and resolute border protection measures positions Ladakh on a path towards a brighter future.