Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL) indigenously designed, developed and manufactured The Garuda 105: Go-Anywhere Gun. This stands true to its name as it is an ultra-light, light-weight mobile gun system to reinstall the peace at the Battlefield. Garuda 105 is a Make in India game-changer in the realm of the weapon system have the following salient features: – 105mm 37 Cal Mobile Weapon System with 360 Degree firing capability – Ultra-lightweight gun system: Under 5.5 Ton.

Garuda 105 Mounted on 4X4 wheeled chassis enabled all-terrain maneuverability including High Altitude – Gradeability: 30 Degree (Go-Anywhere Gun) Adaptable for fitting on any in-service vehicle – Quicker emplacement, onboard fire control panel, electrically controlled elevation and traverse.

Garuda 105 offers Shoot and scoot capability – Low Maintenance cost – Coming into Action: 1.5 min in day, and 2 min in night Here’s an artillery gun system to strengthen the arsenal of Armed Forces.

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