Defence Minister Rajnath Singh held extensive talks with his Kazakh counterpart Lieutenant General Nurlan Yermekbayev recently that focused on defense industrial collaboration between the two countries. Kazakhstan is seeking India’s help in the modernization and upgradation of its predominately Soviet/Russian aircraft. Kazakhstan is also seeking cooperation in the co-development of aircraft component

Kazakhstan is seeking components and sub-systems to be procured from and BEL for the upgradation of the Mil Mi-17 fleet operated by the Kazakh Air Defense Forces. Alpha Design Technologies Private Limited (ADTL) is supplying smart displays, a new cockpit, transponder, Digital Voice Recorder (DVR), Missile Launch Detection System (MILDS) for the Mi-17 Helicopter that has caught the eye of Kazakhstan as per information provided to

Kazakh Air Defense Forces operate the Su-30SM fleet which is often called the Russian version of the Indian Su-30MKI is another area of cooperation that might happen between both countries in the supply of components and spares for the fleet.

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