Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Tuesday said Kashmir was no more land of hartals and stone pelters while the terror ecosystem had been dismantled while schools and colleges remain open and help youth focus on career building.

Addressing a news conference here, the LG said, “Today’s J&K is not a land of hartals or stone pelters. It’s a land of peace and prosperity that responsible and responsive administration is trying too hard to bring in the lives of the people.”

He said that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guidance, J&K was on the move.

“By adopting the whole of government approach, the ecosystem of terror sponsored by our neighbour has been almost dismantled. Schools and colleges remain open allowing youth to focus on career building,” Sinha said.

He thanked PM Modi for providing J&K this historic opportunity to host the third Tourism Working Group meeting of G20 member nations and observer countries.

“We had a very exciting and productive inaugural session earlier today. The significant deliberation, exchange of views and perspectives will help in building a framework based on five priority areas for sustainable tourism as we advance towards the post COVID-19 pandemic era,” the LG said. “I have also been informed that the ongoing third Tourism Working Group meeting in Srinagar is the biggest gathering of foreign delegates so far. I think it is bigger than previous Tourism Working Group meetings in Siliguri and Gujarat, and except China, all G20 nations delegates, representatives and other stakeholders of the tourism industry of the respective countries are participating in the event.”

He said that he had been informed that 57 delegates from 27 countries were participating in the G20 meeting at Srinagar and it was a reflection of India’s strength and ancient values of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.