Kalyani Group developed Indigenous, Truck-mounted all-steel Mountain Artillery Gun (MArG) 155 mm / 39 caliber Ultra-Light Howitzer (ULH ) called TC-20 has been handed over to the Indian Army for High Altitude trials that could further enhance India’s mountain artillery firepower in near future. TC-20 was developed on the recommendation of then Army Chief and Now Chief of Defence Staff, Bipin Rawat.

TC-20 is a steel version of MArG 155 mm / 39 caliber ULH that weighs about 6.8 tons and has a range of 24.7 km with assisted ammunition, it can hit a target at a 30Km range. has been told above that the Truck-mounted MArG TC-20 is Army owned unit that means it is procured by the Army so that it’s not a financial burden on the private player that has developed it, especially for the Army.

TC-20 is still at the prototype stage so that trials of the system will be carried out from India’s northern sector to the northeastern sector over the next 12 months in different weather conditions.

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