Kalyani Group has reportedly completed internal trials of the Ultralight 155 mm, 39 calibre howitzers and will be soon ready for Army trials said Industrial sources close to Kalyani Group which is pitching its ULH segment to the Indian Army has developed three variants of the ULH to supplement imported M777 procured by the Indian Army for mountainous terrain. 

Kalyani Group has developed all-titanium ULH which weighs 4.8 tonnes and all-steel ULH which weighs 6.8-tonne and a third variant which was developed on the instance of Army chief, General Bipin Rawat which is the installation of all-steel ULH on an Ashok Leyland Mk.4 general utility truck for mobility in the mountainous terrain which is ready for user trials with the Indian Army.

Ministry of Defence (MOD) recently allowed Kalyani Group to procure ammunition for its howitzer and open its doors to the field range in India for Internal trials which earlier had to be done in the United States and South Africa. MOD also allowed Kalyani Group to export Bharat-52 and Bharat-45 which are two 155 mm guns to prospective countries and even more advanced ATAGS has been cleared for export by India even though it is still under user trials of the Indian Army.

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