In Pakistan’s tribal town of Darra Adam Khel, guns used or refurbished Kalashnikovs at that are available at a price cheaper than what a smartphone would cost you, They are also a cheap source of guns for the terror organizations in the region, and some even making it to the Indian side of Kashmir that includes illegal copies of American M16A1 assault rifle that have been found from killed Pakistan backed Terrorist in the valley.

Kalashnikovs made in Darra Adam Khel are not only cheap but also a constant headache for the Indian security agencies but Kalashnikov Concern, a leading Russian manufacturer of sporting, hunting, and military small arms, outdoors, tactical and military equipment in its YouTube video channel has described 5 worst AKs ever made in the world and has named Pakistan’s tribal town of Darra Adam Khel as a place where worst AKs are made in the world over.

Kalashnikov Concern representative Vladimir Onokoy informs that they have examined some of the AKs they found in Afghanistan largely used by Taliban that has tactical backing of the Pakistani establishment and has found that serial numbers on them look and feels like soviet ones but are with Latin characters that have many spelling errors.

Onokoy said that out of 30 rifles that were tested at a firing range, 20 could send bullets tumbling and producing keyholes at 50 meters. Barrels used on these rifles are made out of basic pieces of equipment and the gunsmith at Darra Adam Khel has no understanding of twist rate or groove rate concept that doesn’t stabilize the bullets once it leaves the barrel.

Pakistani AKs have the worst accuracies found in all the illegal copies company has tested and Onokoy wondered if buyers of the Pakistani AKs buy them only for their ability to shoot even if accuracy is just 20 meters at best and won’t hit anything beyond that range.

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