Junagadh a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, nearly 200 km away from the border with Pakistan caught many Indians poor knowledge and background history of the area when Pakistan government announced new Political maps recently which included the former princely territory of 160 km² area ruled by the Muslim Babi dynasty in British India.

Jinnah’s Queen, King, and Pawn’s theory were well explained by then Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, where Jinnah eyed King (Hyderabad), Queen (Kashmir) and the pawn (Junagadh) as areas which will expand further areas of Pakistan over what was already agreed as per partition terms. Many years later Junagadh and Hyderabad continued to be showcased in Pakistan’s Political map and somewhere in the mid-’70s, Pakistan quietly gave up claims on the former princely state of Hyderabad, which was in the heart of India, while political map still carried Junagadh but since it was missing from the administrative maps of Pakistan not many Indian knew about it.

Inclusions of Junagadh and now Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir in the new political map of Pakistan also confirms what many Indian liberals have been trying to ignore why advocating for talks with Pakistan to settle Kashmir issue with them is that Kashmir settlement alone will not stop Pakistan’s ambitious to grab more of the Indian land, it actually will further harden their stand to use proxies to further weaken Indian republic to break and make more mini Pakistan inside India which is already happening due to demographic change in parts of Kerela and West Bengal.

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