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Noida-based Johnnette Technologies, a successful bootstrapped Indian UAV manufacturer, Johnnette JF-5 is a High Altitude Long Endurance strategic Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle capable of conducting operations that are performed with fighter jets. Its unique design and speed increase its survivability in higher-threat environments and provides customers with an expanded quick-response armed reconnaissance capability.

Wide-area surveillance, time-sensitive strike missions over land or sea, and a host of other challenging military missions can be performed with this highly advanced, next-generation Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

Lt. Cdr. John Livingstone (Retd.) is the Founder CEO & Product Architect of Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd and has developed the lightweight hand-launched fixed-wing drones JF-2 and JM-2. Johnnette Technologies also has offered to develop JF-4, a Male Class Tactical UAS with 1300 kg Aircraft Weight,20 hours of Flight Time, and an Operational Range of 2000km.

JF-5 will have a 5600 kg Aircraft Weight, 25 hours of Flight Time, and an Operational Range of 8500km.

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