Democratic nominee in the US Presidential Election 2020 Joe Biden has been declared President-elect and Liberals and Woke Gang back in India, who have shown vocal support to Joe Biden are thrilled by the prospects of Biden becoming President of America soon and the relationship which he will have with India.

In his runup to the presidential race earlier this year, Joe Biden had taken an oppositive stand against many of the Modi governments controversial moves regarding Kashmir and citizenship Laws, and the same Liberal and Woke Gang back in India, are thrilled at the prospects of Modi being pushed to the wall or put on backfoot in India if he continues his tuff stand which they claim will be good for India but bad for Modi electoral politics in the country.

Some of the Joe Biden statements against India

Citizenship Act /NRC: Joe Biden’s agenda posted on his campaign website had said that he has been disappointed by the measures that the government of India has taken with the implementation and aftermath of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam and the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act into law, he called this measures as inconsistent with the country’s long tradition of secularism and with sustaining a multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy.
Kashmir: Joe Biden wants India to take the necessary steps to restore the rights of Kashmiris. specially Restrictions on dissent, such as preventing peaceful protests or shutting or slowing down the internet, weakens democracy.

Obama and Trump were careful to avoid direct criticism of the Indian government and matters of citizenship laws that are internal to each country but, hordes of opinions articles coming from the Liberal lobby from India shows that, not only they want and expect Biden to be critical of Modi governments Policies but also have direct say in so-called Muslim Pogrom narrative being pushed by the Liberal lobby.

The expectation of Joe Biden from China and Pakistan and its effects on India

China expects cooling off of the Trade War that has been brewing since Donald Trump stepped into the white house and also easing off the Military flashpoints in the region especially in the South China Sea and in the Indian Ocean. China has been a vocal critic of the newly formed ” Quad” in the region that has been placed to check China’s growing Naval expansion in the region and could love to see the United States go slow or completely abandoned the Quad in the region but its main objective could be to halt the transfer of military equipment to Taiwan and ensure that the United States stays out of any possible future military conflict with Taiwan and India in the region.

Pakistan expects that Joe Biden will show some respect and give them some major role in the region and commence diplomatic engagement which has been frozen after the Trump administration had completely sidelined Pakistan in major diplomatic circles and had limited their interaction only on a peace deal with the Taliban for withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

Pakistan could also want Biden, to be vocal against India on the Kashmir issue and so-called Human rights violation in the Kashmir Valley, which Donald Trump’s administration conspicuously was silent on the Narendra Modi’s policies in Kashmir and Biden’s views on Kashmir before Elections might have given Pakistani Establishment and Government some hope after it faced no International support on Kashmir for last few years now.

Pakistan’s main objective could be hoping that two countries are forced to come to a discussion table that India has been avoiding due to lack of any force by the Trump administration on Kashmir that will be seen as a win for Pakistan and defeat for India to its Home audience.

Two Outcomes possible for India and Modi

If Joe Biden does what the Liberal and Woke Gang in India wants him to do against Modi and India, then one of the possible outcomes could be Modi to take a step back on his Kashmir policies but unlikely a complete U-turn on abrogation of Article 370. On Pakistan, if pushed some diplomatic backchannel talks might be followed to ease tensions and on Kashmir but it is unlikely India could be cornered like Pakistan could have love to be on Kashmir since the US administration could still have its security and economic interests in mind.

The second outcome could be that Joe Biden administration might push Modi on some matters on India and Modi might push back or refuse to give space to his administration like on CAA and NRC that are Internal matters of India but he might concede some steps on some issues like Kashmir but unlikely he will take steps which will benefit Pakistani narrative even if it means cold war between both countries on the diplomatic front. If Joe Biden administration pushes Modi in a wrong way than Modi could take a stiffer stand against his administration on many issues which will hurt the United States more than India especially in Trade and Economic policies and reduce its dependency on Military procurement that could hurt American Military lobby which is keen on many new weapons deals with India and risk isolating one of the closest military power in the Asia subcontinent against China and risk losing its power projection in the region.

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