The Jammu & Kashmir police have decided to shift their focus on containing the recruitment of local youth into militant organizations in Kashmir. This decision comes after a series of meetings this week in several districts in Kashmir, where Director-General of Police (DGP) R.R. Swain sought inputs from officers to launch an exercise to contain recruitments.

The police will be focusing on a number of initiatives to prevent local youth from joining militant organizations. These initiatives include:

  • Increased community engagement: The police will be working more closely with local communities to identify and address factors that may make young people susceptible to recruitment by militant organizations.
  • Enhanced intelligence gathering: The police will be strengthening their intelligence gathering efforts to identify potential recruits and their associates.
  • Targeted counseling and rehabilitation: The police will be working with counselors and social workers to provide targeted counseling and rehabilitation programs for young people who are at risk of being recruited by militant organizations.

DGP Swain has also emphasized the need for a multi-pronged approach to tackling the issue of militancy in Kashmir. This approach will include not only the police but also other government agencies, civil society organizations, and the local community.

The police’s decision to shift their focus to containing the recruitment of local youth is a welcome development. This is a complex issue that will require a sustained effort from all stakeholders. However, the police’s commitment to addressing this issue is a positive step forward.