Beijing for long has ensured that Taiwan has starved of defense weapons while it continues to sell weapon systems to all neighbors of India especially Pakistan and Bangladesh which are to be used against India in the possible full-fledged war and yet, China continues to disregard sales of such offensive weapons like Submarines and missiles in the neighborhood while Taiwan is solely depended on the United States for its weapon purchase while other countries have been bullied by China.

Recent clashes in Galwan Valley of Ladakh is India’s opportunity to create a two-front situation for china which is particularly sensitive about Taiwan declaring its independence from China. India needs to first establish a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan and later offer the sale of weapons to Taipei which many countries have refused to supply them in the past.

Taipei for decades has been keen on acquiring conventional Submarine platforms from West but that has been blocked by China’s pressure and bullying tactics to some of the main submarines manufacturers like France and Germany. Washington doesn’t make conventional submarines and now Taipei has decided to develop them locally and has asked friendly countries to provide some of the key technologies required in the modern conventional submarines.

India should offer its expertise and technologies for its submarine developmental program and also offer other offensive and defensive weapons to the Taipei which might come handy for the island nation. India has developed conventional and nuclear submarines locally and has developed warships that can take on Chinese warships in the region. Taipei is also looking for missile patrol boats, naval mines, MANPADS (man-portable anti-tank/armor systems) over heavy tanks, and Amphibious Transport Docks.


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