Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is all set to test long-troubled Indigenous Technology Cruise Missile (ITCM), a derivative of Nirbhay Cruise Missile with the indigenously developed Manik engine for the first time for a range of 750km from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) tomorrow if weather permits even though launch window has been kept open from October 6th to 8th.

ITCM is an all-weather, subsonic cruise missile that was earlier called Nirbhay that has been under development for the last decade and saw limited success and were inducted in limited numbers due to warlike situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) last year with China.

ITCM is called as an improved variant of Nirbhay that now features indigenously developed engine, propulsion, and navigation systems. Clearance and success of the Land variant of ITCM will clear the path for the development of the Naval and Air Force variant of ITCM that already has been under development.

Nirbhay Program had to be relaunched as ITCM Program after it failed to fix all the technical issues of the missile. ITCM and its predecessor Nirbhay has been trouble maker for DRDO after seeing the long success with indigenous missile programs that has made India self-sufficient in missile technology. ITCM program already has seen two recent failures and has been told the program is now at the crucial junction any more failure might see the program be put under fresh reviews and risks being closed down .

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