Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced plans to start work on the development of a Heavy Reusable Launch Vehicle after it completes work on Modified GSLV Mk III for the Gaganyaan program. ISRO will use the Public-Private Partnership model for the development of a Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle that can perform Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing equipped with a landing system using a lox methane engine.

ISRO plans to go big on the usage of 3D printing to cut costs and also will be working on the development of new avionics and advanced materials. ISRO has not given any official timeline but as per the source, ISRO will start experimental flights before 2030.

ISRO recently awarded manufacturing of its workhorse PSLV rocket to a Private consortium and soon will pass on manufacturing of the SSLV and GSLV in the next few years to private companies as the company will be exiting production of rockets due to failure to ramp up production.

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