Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will be displaying a model of its upcoming Integrated Air & Missile Defense System called BARAK MX System which will have a range of 150km which principally is based on the Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) developed by India’s DRDO with IAI with a range of 70km.

According to IAI, the BARAK MX system is capable of simple integration with any existing legacy or new sensors and can integrate into the existing MRSAM system in India. was first to report that, IAI has changed the air frame of its BARAK MX and BARAK LRAD (70km) which now sports a mid-section dorsal fins minus its nose canards, while DRDO continues to use older MRSAM air-frame to fulfill orders placed by Indian Navy and Indian Airforce.

IAI will be also showcasing its TecSar Satellite, TopGun, loitering-munition system, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) Unmanned Maritime Patrol, Unified Control System (UCS).

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