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Major General Asif Ghafoor who is the Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), chief spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces in an interview given to a 24 hours Urdu language news and current affairs television channel ” Dunya News ” from Pakistan which was uploaded on Youtube on 5th March 2019 had said that after India’s aggression on 26th of February we had responded on 27th February shot down two fighter jets of Indian air force and one of their (IAF) pilot died and one was captured and one pilot who was in their custody was realized.

Ghafoor on 27th February itself in his press briefing on National media had said that One Indian pilot has been captured and another Indian pilot who was injured was admitted to a Combined Military Hospital (CMH) which are operated by the Pakistan Army. Two different statements at two different dates confirm that so-called second pilot which even Prime Minister Imran Khan had mentioned in his speech to Country didn’t disappear into thin air but actually was dead F-16 pilot who was shot down by the Indian Mig-21 flown by the Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman that day.

Change of statement or what can be called as a massive U-turn later in the day on 27th February, Ghafoor claimed only one pilot was in their custody and the second plane and its pilot had landed in India side of the line of control. While India never lost a second jet that day as claimed by Pakistan nor any pilot was dead, Interestingly Pakistan keeps arguing that it has shot down an Indian Sukhoi-30MKI but it never ever has presented any evidence to back their claim even if an aircraft belonging to India was shot down in Indian side of Line of control as claimed by Pakistan it could have been very difficult for India to cover up due to presence of local elements in the area who are sympathetic towards Pakistan nor any locals claimed to have seen jets crashing on India side but there are multiple witnesses on Pakistani side who claimed they saw multiple parachutes in the sky and in one video hostile locals was heard after capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman shouting don’t kill this one, raising doubts which other pilot was killed that day ?

A sequence of events as per Ghafoor’s Statement Timeline since 27th February

Ghafoor on 27th February morning claimed Two Indian jets were shot down and three pilots had ejected out of which one pilot was admitted to CMH due to injuries and another was in their custody and search is on for the third pilot.

Ghafoor on 27th February evening claimed only one pilot is in their custody and not cleared air about the second pilot which he earlier in the day had claimed was admitted in the hospital.

Ghafoor on 5th March 2019 in an Interview to Dunya News claims second Indian pilot died and one in their custody was handed back to India. Interesting point is that how does he know that the second pilot died when as per his own admission he claimed he had landed on the other side of the line of control and who was the pilot he first claimed was admitted in CMH?.

Which Hospital was Second pilot admitted?

Closest Combined Military Hospital (CMH) near Pakistan occupied Kashmir or around this area are CMH Rawalakot and CMH Mangla Cantt. IAF had claimed that F-16 was shot down near Jhangar, which lies between Rajouri and Nowshera and then it makes CMH Mangla Cantt closest Pakistan military hospital in the region. CMH Mangla Cantt is hardly 14-16 km by road from Jhangar area which should be covered in less than 30 minutes using Mirpur road.

Since we don’t know the exact area where the pilot of F-16 might have landed, even the furthest area from CMH Mangla Cantt is within a 20-25km range which still makes it the closest hospital operated by the Pakistani military in the region.


Multiple flip flops by Major General Asif Ghafoor, who is the only person cleared by the Pakistani military to speak to media has raised more doubts on the sequence of events claimed by Pakistani military then it has answered. Unlike Indian media which had questioned and even demanded answers from Indian air force on multiple counts on the whole operations, Pakistan media simply is incapable to take on establishment which is more powerful than the elected leader of the country but it does confirm that not only Pakistan lost an F-16 to Indian Mig-21 but also lost a pilot on the ground to hostile locals.

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