ISPR realized a 31-sec video that appears to show FLIR camera footage of a submarine mast what it calls was an Indian submarine that was prevented from Territorial waters while it was inside Pakistani exclusive economic zone (EEZ) as per geo coordinates seen in the video but video examined by editing experts say that it is heavily morphed clip, the footage contains same clips from 2016 & 2019 cut & stitched together.

ISPR Propaganda video as usual has 7 cuts and 3 Inverted footage in the video. Captain DK Sharma, the former spokesperson of the Indian Navy, took to micro-blogging site Twitter to punch holes into Pakistan’s claim. Citing coordinates, he wondered since when have submarines operating in international waters 200NM from Makran coast been blocked and how. He also went on to say that any submarine in the Arabian Sea does not necessarily mean that it is an Indian submarine.

Naval experts have been of the view that no submarine commanding officer will ever, under any circumstances, be at periscope depth during the day close to an adversary’s waters. They said that even if the submarine is facing an emergency, being at periscope depth would be absolutely the last resort. No submarine commander will transit international waters at periscope depth, they added.

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