Naval Group (DCNS) is likely to submit a proposal for a conventionally powered diesel-electric variant of its Nuclear powered Barracuda Attack submarine in response to Request for Proposal (RFP) to be issued soon by Indian Navy for the development of Six Next Generation Conventional-diesel powered submarines said the latest report under Project-75I.

Shortfin Barracuda has been offered over the previous offer of the Scorpene-XL which basically was an enlarged Scorpene-class submarine already inducted by Indian Navy under Project-75. Scorpene-XL was supposed to be longer in length to accommodate Vertical launched supersonic BrahMos Cruise missile and equipped with modern Indo-French onboard Naval equipment.

Scorpene-XL might have been dropped due to higher displacement requirement requested by the Indian Navy. While Scorpene submarines only have 1,615 tones surfaced displacement, Shortfin Barracuda Block-1A under development for the Australian Navy order is close to 4000 tons in submerged displacement and uses the next-generation Pump-Jet propulsion technology.

Scorpene-XL could have been similar to what Naval Group is developing along with Brazilian Navy Shipyard with a surface displacement of 1,870 tons which will be 71.62m in length against present 67.5 m of the Kalvari class submarines based on Scorpene design inducted by Indian Navy. It is still not clear why the Enlarged Scorpene proposal was dropped and if India is really interested in the construction of Shortfin Barracuda which Australian Navy ordered for close to $ 3 Billion per submarine?.

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