At Aero India 2021, India showcased final design chances of the AMCA that might be frozen and eventually will be seen in the first aircraft that India plans to roll out by 2024. Some of the major design changes included moving away from the fixed air inlet design and adaptation of the Diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) for the air intakes that made it look similar at least in the frontal aspect quite similar to the aircraft that are equipped with the DSI air intakes.

Chinese netizens in no time started making a comparison between two aircraft and even released some of the images to prove that India’s AMCA is indeed inspired by the Chinese J-31 design, which went viral in Chinese social media platforms but attempts to call AMCA design a copy was quickly rebutted by the Indian netizens who have quickly pointed out the obvious differences that an untrained eye can’t catch easily.

The above images that went viral on Twitter, pointed out the obvious difference in the design of the wings and the edge alignments of both the jets. AMCA also has different Twin vertical stabilizers and Twin Horizontal stabilizers due to which even the flaperons are having different edge alignments. The user also points out the different cockpit canopy designs and changes in the fuselage alignments. The internal intake section on the AMCA also seems to be further away from the intake section, unlike J-31 that has incorporated it quite close to the frontal fuselage.

All fifth-generation fighter don’t have universally agreed-upon design specifications nor it has every typical characteristic that is often seen in a 5th gen fighter jets, but some of the basic characteristics of them remain the same that include internal weapons bay, stealth optimized frontal fuselage and multi-fusion avionics. For an untrained individual, all 5th generation fighter jets might seem the same and happens quite often even now that many misjudge Mirage-2000 for an LCA-Tejas due to delta wing design. Copy of an aircraft design is when Su-30 and J11 look the same and from edge to edge that it becomes difficult for even a trained individual to find the difference at a glance.

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