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Integrating the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) into India and reclaiming the land captured by China in 1962 would have become feasible had the NDA won 400 plus seats in Lok Sabha elections, Union minister and Shiv Sena MP Prataprao Jadhav claimed on Sunday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has long harboured the dream of adding PoK to India’s map, he said while speaking at a felicitation event organised by the Mahayuti alliance in Akola.

“Despite PoK being an integral part of India, it remains under Pakistan’s control. India also aims to reclaim the land captured by China during the 1962 war. Had more than 400 seats been won (by NDA in recent Lok Sabha polls), a two-thirds majority would have been achieved, making these aspirations feasible,” the MoS for AYUSH and Public Health and Family Welfare said.

The Buldhana MP alleged a false propaganda was spread that the Constitution would be changed if Modi returned to power. He said the Constitution could not be altered and recalled the 1975 emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi as the real instance of constitutional subversion.