Indian Navy’s indigenously designed and built survey ship, INS Nirupak, was decommissioned after 38 years of illustrious service to the nation in a ceremony, presided by Vice Admiral Adhir Arora, Chief Hydrographer to the Govt of India at NavalDockyard, Visakhapatnam on 29 Jan 2024. The ship was launched on 4 Jun 1981 at GRSE and commissioned into service on 14 Aug 1985 by Vice Admiral Jayant Ganpat Nadkarni, then Chief of Naval Staff.

The ship is based at Visakhapatnam under the administrative and operational control of FOCINC, ENC. In recognition to its relentless dedication in the field of hydrography, INS Nirupak was awarded Admiral Jal Cursetji Rolling Trophy for best Survey Ship in the year 1994, 1995, 2005 and 2009. The ship was actively engaged in HADR operations, including Operation Gambhir Tsunami Relief in 2004, offering critical relief as a hospital ship to Indonesia.

INS Nirupak leaves an enduring legacy of maritime excellence, having charted the seas for 38 years. Its hydrographic survey has not only shaped the naval operations but also played a pivotal role in advancing scientific understanding of oceanography. The data collected by INS Nirupak has been instrumental in enhancing navigational safety in IOR including foreign countries. With a legacy spanning 20 Commanding Officers, INS Nirupak has been an enduring symbol of maritime prowess.

With the sunset on 29 Jan 2024, the naval ensign and the commissioning pennant was ceremoniously hauled down for the last time in the presence of officers and sailors who served onboard INS Nirupak, marking the poignant decommissioning of the ship. The decommissioning of INS Nirupak marks the end of an era, yet it paves the way for a new chapter in Indian Navy’s survey capabilities.