INS Arighat, India’s second Arihant class Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine has been captured in recent satellite images next to its lead-class Arihant class nuclear submarine while it was docked in Ship Building Center in Visakhapatnam. INS Arighat for the first time, in side by side satellite image with the lead-class ship settles long speculations that were made previously that said both submarines are not identical and Arighat is bigger than Arihant by media reports, but side by side satellite images confirm that both have the same external dimensions.

INS Arighat was launched in 2017 and has completed all sea trials, and will be officially inducted into the Indian Navy by the first half of 2021. INS Arighat will also be armed with the same set of ballistic missiles that are currently equipped on lead-ship that will be K-15 (750km) short-range and K-4 (3500km) Intermediate-range submarine-launched ballistic missile that can carry Nuclear warhead to its target.

India presently is also constructing two more Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine called S4 and S4* that will have a 10metre additional length and will have 1000 tons additional displacement when compared to the two Arihant class Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines but will be equipped with the new K-5 (5500km) intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missile.

S4 and S4* will hit waters for Sea Trials in 2022 and 2024 and induction is planned from 2025 onwards.

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