The land acquisition and initial works towards the Kulasekharapatnam launchpad are currently underway in Tamil Nadu, Programme Director of Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan said. Mylswamy Annadurai– who is the programme director of Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan– had said the aforesaid quoting the Parliament, Government, and the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

“The Parliament and Government along with the chairman of ISRO had stated that land acquisition and initial works towards the Kulasekharapatnam launchpad are going on in Tamil Nadu,” Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan Programme Director Mylswamy Annadurai said while answering about the economic benefits of having Kulasekarapatnam launchpad in southern Tamil Nadu.

Annadurai made the statement during a Children’s Day programme at a private school in Madurai on Monday and mentioned that the government was making parallel efforts for the Indian space park connecting Mahendragiri and Kulasekharapatnam, beyond the launch of SSLV stages.

“We are already ready for the self-launch with supporting SSLV systems and satellite systems therefore the crew is in demand for the launch in a short time,” Annadurai said further.

He said that the discussions were formally underway after the Ahmedabad meet-up in the Indian Aerospace speciation which turned many collaborations.

Asserting that the ‘self-launch’ will become one of the finest cost-efficient space vehicles.

“India is facing challenges with launching in many aspects and nowadays Sriharikota is also getting crowded because of our missions that lead to some huge extents on the world space market. This self-launch will become one of the finest space vehicles with cost-efficient,” he mentioned adding that the new launch pad will also be accessible to the smaller launching vehicles.

It has been asserted that with this, Kulasekharapatnam will become one of the greatest launching pads on the list as its cuts down the expenditure cost and will also benefit India economically.

India is getting countless numbers of students passing their graduation in Engineering and Technology. The ideas and concepts among the younger generations are getting impactful to the aero-space technologies of India, he added.