India and the United Arab Emirates since the abolition of Article 370 and A35A have found themself’s on the same page as both countries continue to grow their collaborations in various sectors that include promotion of business opportunities in Kashmir where most of the Islamic countries usually tend to be behind Pakistan on this issue.

UAE is a close ally of Saudi Arabia and nothing is done without consulting the leader of Islamic countries especially when it’s about the issues that are closest to the Islamic countries. What UAE does is often followed by Saudi Arabia. The recent UAE decision to open up an embassy in Tel Aviv is seen the world over after getting backing from Saudi Arabia. UAE also has been upping its game in Kashmir of late recently after Pakistani PM started flirting with Turkish President Erdogan in attempts to replace Islamic leadership from Saudi Arabia to Turkey.

Off late UAE or Saudi Arabia have completely backed India on Kashmir and other issues as Pakistani civilian leadership glide its self to Turkey led Islamic block that wants to challenge Saudi Arabia Block and recent moves by UAE in Kashmir is seen done on the behest of the Saudi Arabia that has not gone down well with the Pakistani government and is seen as a negative move.

UAE recently agreed to procure Kashmiri goods and also invest in the development projects in the troubled area that has not gone down well in Pakistan that it claims it is disputed area hence shouldn’t be allowed investment of any nature from other countries even though it has ignored similar Indian complaints of Chinese investments in POK and GB.

UAE signing an MoU with the government of India for investment in Kashmir legitimizes the Indian stand on Kashmir, which is a big win for India said the Former Pakistani ambassador to India Abdul Basit, and the same was echoed by many other Tv hosts of Pakistani media Channels. Basit recently also made a big claim and said that UAE and Saudi Arabia are looking to open their consulates in the troubled region that will further legitimize the Indian claim over region, Indian media or its reports have not hinted about such possibilities but the opening of consulates by Islamic country in Kashmir will mean that they accept that this area is Indian.

A recent setback was when direct flights between Srinagar and Dubai started which flew using Pakistani air space. after 6 flights, it caught the attention of the Pakistani media and probably backed by the anti-Bajwa fraction of the establishment that it created enough noises in the media to get it banned but it will not go well with the UAE authorities and India might ban clearance to many Pakistani flights that go to the southeast countries in retaliation.

Srinagar and Dubai direct flights also destroyed propaganda that Pakistan has been peddling since 2019 that Kashmiri residents are locked up and are not allowed to move around. news of international flights between Kashmir to Islamic countries also gave these countries a real ground assessment on the situation in Kashmir instead of the usual propaganda-filled dooms days assessment that Pakistan often makes up.

India is planning to increase the frequency of such flights and might clear direct flights to other Islamic countries that might come as a further setback to the Pakistani propaganda.

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