India-based Private sector company Gridbots Technologies Private Limited has developed Titan Autonomous Combat Vehicle that is presently being evaluated by the Indian Army for conducting real-time day and night surveillance operations on the battlefield without any human assistance or intervention thereby minimizing the risk for the infantry and enhancing their capabilities on ground operations.

The company also claims that Titan can support weapons mount and has recently hinted at the possibility of it being integrated with Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) developed Amogha – III, an Third Generation fire and forget Anti-Tank Guided Missile.

Amogha – III is an Anti-Tank Guided Missile with Dual mode IIR Seeker having a range of 200 to 2500 meters. Equipped with a Tandem warhead, Amogha – III has a Top/direct attack mode and is Man-portable.

Titan Autonomous Combat Vehicle can support 2000-3000 kg Payload capacity and has a speed of 20km and 20km Mesh Radio range and weighs 1-ton.

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