Indigenous gas turbine based Air Producer Engine for Jaguar (AP-J) an engine starter was trial tested on test bed successfully by HAL. AP-J has been developed indigenously by HAL’s Aero Engine Research and Design Centre (AERDC), Bangalore.

The engine will be used to start main Adour Mk811 engines of the Jaguar after HAL and IAF started facing delays in spares supplies and was incurring high import cost resulting in AOGs (Aircraft on Ground) for the IAF.

AP-J A drop-in replacement engine project was taken under indigenisation drive, which hit the testing field in 12 months from date of preliminary design. IAF has dropped the plans to re-engine Jaguar fleet with new engines but has planned to fly them till 2034 and has upgraded some of the jets to the latest DARIN-III Configuration which introduced first ELTA ELM/2052 AESA Radar in the airforce fleet before arrival of the Dassualt Rafale fighter jets.

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