With tension remaining high on the Indian subcontinent due to Pakistan’s War rhetoric after India removed Article 370 from Indian administrated Kashmir arsing distinct possibility that any future war between can be sparked leading to a major or a limited action on the ground and full-scale fighting at sea and in the air.

India enjoys a conventional superiority over the Pakistani military in direct comparison and is much better prepared to wage a long term war as seen in the Kargil sector if it is limited to one sector if it is a full-fledged war , India and Pakistan mostly will last two to three weeks at maximum for which Top five offensive weapons of India will play a crucial role which can decisively end a war without the use of nuclear weapons.

INS Vikramaditya Aircraft Carrier

India’s lone aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya would lead an offensive at sea designed to sweep the Pakistani Navy from the field. INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier group can be effectively used to blockade Pakistani ports which can cripple imports of gasoline products in the country.

Armed with 24 MiG-29K carrier-based fighter aircraft, INS Vikramaditya is fully capable of executing air superiority, anti-surface, anti-ship, and anti-submarine warfare operations in the sea.

Nuclear Attack Submarine- INS Chakra

INS Chakra an Akula-II nuclear-powered attack submarine will play a key role in blockade of Pakistani ports and also instrumental in guarding of the INS Vikramaditya when in the sea. Chakra will not only be in charge of taking care of Pakistani conventional submarine fleet but also will be an offensive platform which will be in charge of pushing through and laying mines in Pakistani waters and conduct surveillance in support of a blockade.

Armed with 3M54 Klub anti-ship missiles, INS Chakra is fully capable of demonstrating offensive firepower to disable Pakistan navy like seen in 1971 war.

Su-30MKI Fighter

Su-30MKI air superiority fighter will be getting new stock of Russian Air to Air missile which will allow it to have better interceptor missile in case of air combat with the Pakistani air force. sheer numbers of over 250 units can easily overpower Pakistani air force which relies heavily on 80 odd American F-16s fighter jets for air superiority operations.

Su-30MKI is also capable of carrying offensive weapons system like BrahMos-A which can be used to take out high-value targets in Land and sea as far as 450km. Su-30MKI due to its impressive PESA radar can also act like Mini-AWACS to guide other fighter aircraft in the region in air combat.


Worlds only Mach 3 Capable Super sonic cruise missile with a range of 500km can be used to strike targets almost in all of Pakistan. BrahMos has been armed on India front-line Warships and will be used as an offensive weapons system to enforce an economic and military blockade of the seaports of Pakistan and cripple Pakistani Navy.

Indian Army and Indian Air Force are also armed with Land-based BrahMos regiments which will be used to target land-based high-value targets like airforce base and military installations including ground-based radar stations and fuel and ammunition depot . IAF will soon also have in its possession Air launched a variant of BrahMos which when launched from the air will have a devastating effect on its target.

AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter

IAF already has taken in its possession 8 AH-64D Apache helicopter which will provide biggest boosts to the anti-armor firepower for the Indian Army. Apache even though is limited in numbers for time being but deliveries are taking place at a hectic pace, it is expected that all 22 helicopters will be ready and inducted soon and firepower it brings in engage armored formations in a conventional war or hunt guerrillas and infiltrators in a counterinsurgency campaign is unprecedented.

Armed with Hellfire Longbow millimeter-wave radar-guided missiles, AH-64D Apache helicopter is best suited for operations against tanks and armored vehicles. Apache helicopter will be moving with the Strike corps of the Indian Army and is an offensive weapon system if used carefully can get Indian Army devastating results and can break the backbone of the Pakistani Armored regiments.

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