India is set to make a significant mark at the upcoming Saudi defense show as three distinguished women officers from the country’s armed forces prepare to participate. These officers, each representing a different service branch, exemplify India’s commitment to gender diversity and military excellence.

The trio includes Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth from the Indian Air Force, Colonel Ponung Doming from the Indian Army, and Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash from the Indian Navy. Their participation underscores the growing role of women in India’s defense sector and their proficiency across various military domains.

Scheduled from February 4 to 8, the defense show in Saudi Arabia will provide a platform for global defense entities to showcase their capabilities and forge strategic partnerships. India’s presence at the event with its three accomplished women officers highlights the country’s determination to engage actively in international defense forums.

Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth, known for her pioneering role as one of India’s first female fighter pilots, symbolizes the Indian Air Force’s commitment to breaking gender barriers in combat aviation. Colonel Ponung Doming brings her expertise as a combat engineer in the Indian Army, demonstrating the crucial role of engineering and infrastructure development in military operations. Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash, serving aboard a warship in the Indian Navy, represents the maritime defense capabilities of the nation.

Their participation not only reflects the progressive ethos of the Indian armed forces but also underscores India’s commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in traditionally male-dominated fields. As they showcase their skills and expertise on the global stage, these women officers serve as inspiring role models for aspiring female leaders in the defense sector, both in India and around the world.