China’s State affiliate English-language CGTN news service based in Beijing, recently realized a short documentary featuring Fei Dong, an air force pilot flying a Chinese-made J-10 fighter jet, and his glorious 15 years flying of his service to safeguard China’s airspace. the documentary featured regular footage of J-10 and an interview of the pilot praising the Chinese-made jet, but soon, in a major goof-up and embarrassment to Chinese leadership, the Indian defense community spotted some video footage that belonged to the Indian developed LCA-Tejas fighter jet.

While LCA-Tejas can’t be seen in clarity but it shows some undercarriage video clips of LCA-Tejas being shown as the capabilities of the J-10. Video footage comparison shows undercarriage video grab from the promo that CGTN made and the actual video grab that was uploaded on YouTube .

The first video grab clearly shows LCA-Tejas undercarriage footage while it was in Leh for High altitude trials and the second video grab was of when LCA-Tejas was dropping a laser-guided bomb in the Pokhran desert as part of its weapons trials. Embarrassed CGTN has now taken down documentary from all social media sites now.

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