The Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has roped in the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur to do the wind tunnel model design and fabrication work of the scale model of India’s upcoming High-altitude long endurance (HALE) class UAV as per the latest tender details. HALE UAV design which leaked last year will be a double boom, twin-tail design powered by a turboprop aircraft engine in Pusher configuration.

ADE has plans to fabricate two prototypes that will be used for developmental trials after Wind tunnel testing is concluded. New Unnamed HALE UAV will be bigger than the Rustam-I (720 AUW) and it can be argued that it will be around a 4-ton AUW (All Up Weight) Class UAV that will be put above MALE Class Rustam-2 UAV (1.8-ton AUW).

This is the first of the HALE Class UAV India is working on as it also has plans to develop HALE Class UAV powered by and turbofan engine with a stealthy design that can cruise above 50,000 feet and eventually be also armed.

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