Mumbai-based start-up Jatayu Unmanned System developed Jatayu Aim-X, which the company calls “India’s First Combat-Ready UAV,” was tested for the first time with a standard issue assault rifle weapon along with live-fired rounds. Officials of the Jatayu claim that Jatayu Aim-X features a separate ground control station and may also be operated remotely through satellite.

The company claims that Jatayu Aim-X is a fully ‘Make in India’ UAV platform that has been developed keeping in mind Indian requirements and scenarios.

In trials, Jatayu achieved 93% accuracy on the targets, and Indian Army officials and Law enforcement officials were part of the trials. Jatayu is a terrain drone that can be used in different areas and can help save critical lives o the frontlines. The company now plans to test the platform with other units of the Indian Army.

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