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India’s upcoming ERSAM (Extended Range Surface to Air Missile) Interceptor Air Defence system will be the first to incorporate long-range anti-cruise missile capabilities which will enable it to takeout sub-sonic and supersonic cruise missiles specifically sea-skimming anti-ship missiles and provide complete protection against frontline warships.

Present Indo-Israeli MRSAM/LRSAM itself can intercept a wide range of threats, including fighters, drones, cruise missiles, surface-to-surface weapons and anti-ship missiles, but ERSAM will get the refinement and technology upgrades including the ability to intercept not only sub-sonic cruise missile but also stealth incorporated sub-sonic cruise missile with low radar cross sections at extended ranges.

DRDO is developing an ERSAM (Extended Range Surface to Air Missile) Interceptor Air Defence missile that will be based on the LRSAM Interceptor missile system and will be part of the Extended Range Air Defence System (ERADS) Program along with XR-SAM (eXtra-long Range Surface to Air Missile). ERSAM will have a range of 150km and XR-SAM will have a range of 250-350km.

ERADS program will see variants that will be developed for the Navy for its frontline warships and Truck-mounted variants for the Indian Air Force and Indian Army. ERADS program will supplement Indo-Israeli MRSAM/LRSAM and Russian S-400 missile system in the Indian armed forces.

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