BrahMos, a land-based Mach 3 capable Supersonic Cruise missile that was adopted for launch from the Modified Sukhoi-30MKI platform will pave the way to the development of 4 different Air-Launched Cruise Programs that will start maturing from 2024 onwards as India tries to break away from depending on imported Air-Launched Cruises that are often expensive and are tied to one platform.

India has cleared Air-Launched Cruise Programs that will see the development of subsonic, supersonic, and even hypersonic cruise missiles that can be adapted on multiple platforms and aircraft types that are from France, Russia, and India and some of the programs that are been cleared are.

HAL-CATS Hunter: CATS Hunter is being conceived as an air-launched cruise missile that has the capability of deep penetration strikes and can either be used as a kamikaze system or as a drone that can return to its base after delivering its payload. CATS Hunter will be powered by a PTAE-7 turbojet engine that already has been under production for Lakshya pilotless target aircraft (PTA) program.

BrahMos-NG: In addition to BrahMos-A, Smaller BrahMos-NG (Next Generation) will be the first combat air-launched cruise missile that can deliver over Mach 3 speeds and have a range of 400km that is light enough to be adopted on all aircraft types including LCA-Tejas. BrahMos-NG likely will be ready for testing from 2024 onwards.

LRLACM: India is also working on Air launched variant of (Long-Range Land Attack Cruise Missile ) that will have more range than any other cruise missile that India is developing but also has a subsonic and supersonic flight regime making it way harder for the interception at its terminal stage.

ALHCM: India has accelerated its Hypersonic cruise missile programs and for the first time has confirmed its plans to develop an Air-Launched Hypersonic Cruise Missile. India as part of its Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle programme has tested many technologies that will lead to the development of two separate Hypersonic cruise programs that include developing an Air-Launched Hypersonic Cruise Missile around 2026-27.

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