India’s DRDO called off a crucial missile test recently due to the outbreak of the Chinese Virus in the country which was followed by lock down announced by the government and closing of all International flights which prevented the participation of some critically important observers from Russia for crucial BrahMos test flight which now stands canceled.

India which is now a part of the elite Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) carried out internal software upgradation to the Indo-Russian developed BrahMos missile which removed its 290km range limiter and also successfully tested it’s up to 400km range recently, but desired longer version of the missile remains to be done and it was reported that now canceled test was actually of the new BrahMos with Extended range which has been designated as ” BrahMos-ER “.

CEO of BrahMos Aerospace, Sudhir Kumar Mishra has confirmed to media that the BrahMos-ER is ready which will have a range of 500km but a meager extended range of 100km will also come with better missile speed as the internal propellant carrying capability has been increased along with tweaked scram-jet air-breathing jet engine. which can now officially be able to fly over Mach 3 and close to Mach 4.

The original plan after India’s entry into the MTCR regime was to increase its range from 290 km to 800 km like seen with Russian developed Oniks-M supersonic cruise missile upon which BrahMos was originally based and as interim upgrade 400km range was tested before work began on the development of BrahMos-ER with a range of 800km.

The first test of the BrahMos missile, which is operational with the Indian Navy and Army, was conducted in 2001, since then it has added additional capabilities like steep 90-degree vertical deep dive version for mountain warfare and evasive ‘S’ maneuver against highly defended strike targets but the most of the other technology has remained the same for last two decades. has been told that BrahMos had a stellar run as psychological weapon platform which couldn’t be defeated by any modern air defense system and Indian military planners want to keep it that way even though many countries over the years have been working to create weapons which can take down supersonic cruise missiles like BrahMos not many have been able to demonstrate it.

With increased speed from Mach 2.8 to near Mach 3.5-4, Indian military planners want to ensure that Brahmos-ER remains unchallenged in the coming decades and remains undefeated against any air defense systems our adversaries might have been developing. has been told that the development of two variants of Brahmos-ER with a range from 500km to 800km can’t be ruled out which will have a speed of Mach 2.5 or near Mach 4 depending on the strike target.

BrahMos Aerospace is planning to work on the development of BrahMos-NG which will be a lighter and smaller version of the current Brahmos-ER with a similar range between 500-800km being developed specifically for the Indian Air Force which might see further orders from the Indian Navy and Indian Army also. India’s joint venture plans to develop a BrahMos-2K which was supposed to be a Hypersonic weapon system with speeds in Mach 5-7 has been delayed due to lack of willingness from Russia, which could be one of the reasons why India instead planned to increase range of the current BrahMos close to Mach 4.


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