Indian passengers who travelled to the Chinese city of Wuhan on October 30 with Beijing as their final destination, have been denied entry at Beijing despite a quarantine of over 50 days. The group travelled to China on a VBN flight. The Chinese authorities have blocked the passports of these individuals, thus negating the possibility of their further travel towards Beijing.

According to a report by All India Radio, the group was tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Wuhan, after which the Chinese authorities blocked their passports. They were subsequently asked to quarantine for 28 days. As of December 31, the group has completed more than 50 days in quarantine and are carrying 10 ‘negative test reports’ issued by Chinese authorities.

However, according to the report, their health code is still ‘Red’ and not ‘Green’. The report cited Chinese foreign ministry as saying that they were not aware of any such case. 

Irony as China continues to suppress information about the virus

Ironically, the deadly virus, which has, so far affected over 8 crore people across the globe and resulted in the death of over 17 lakh individuals, originated from Wuhan exactly a year ago. In fact, most recently, China handed over a four-year prison sentence to a citizen journalist who reported on the origins of the virus from Wuhan.

The journalist was sentenced for ‘picking quarrels’, a charge often pressed against those who contradict the official line of the Chinese government. The US as well as the European Union have condemned the Chinese government’s action and urged that the journalist be released.