Indian Army has decided to upgrade its now vulnerable T-72 Main Battle Tanks with more modern technology so that it can have a fighting chance in this modern warfare where tanks like T-72 in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war are not only underperforming but have prompted Russians to develop the latest T-90M variant of the baseline T-90 to turn the tide of the war.

Recently T-72 tanks with T90 Bhishma Turret also equipped with an Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) developed by DRDO for India’s Arjun MBT was spotted testing in India.

T-72+T-90 Hybrid will provide improved firepower to the tank allowing it to fire Cannon-fired ATGMs but also improve its overall protection of the crew against modern ATGMs. Indian Army also has plans to equip nearly 1000 newer lots of T-72 tanks with the V92S2 high-power multifuel engine that boasts 1,000 hp and has been specifically designed for the T-90 MBT.

T-72 equipped with a V92S2 engine will replace its V-46-6 engine which has a 780 hp capacity. A prototype of a T-72 tank with a newer V92S2 engine is set to be rolled out in the next few months and will commence desert trials this summer for the first time.