Chennai-based Indian defense startup Big Bang Boom Solutions (BBBS) has successfully demonstrated to users Anti-Drone System that the firm had developed under Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) where the system has exceeded expectations in its performance.

Anti-Drone Defence System developed by BBBS can combat all the threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles including commercially available drones. The advanced long-range sensors, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, and computer vision algorithms help in the precise detection and identification of drones and their payload, with drone flight pattern recognition.

The ADDS has an effective RF detection range of 5 km and visual detection range of 700 m. The smart neural network of ADDS enables autonomous decisions in countermeasures like signal jamming in a 5 km radius, however, it also relays prompt recommendations to the human operator for manual countermeasure when needed.

This is the second product that has been approved by the user, first was the 360-degree battlefield surveillance system for BMP II. BBBS is also working on the development of AI-powered Autonomous Unmanned Tank Plugins which will work on T-72 and later Main Battle Tanks. BBBS is also working on the Next Generation Hybrid Personal Combat Armour and Drones for riot control & Drone Hunters, Smart Fencing System, and Armor Piercing Incendiary Rounds.

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