The recent test of 5400km Agni-V has not only put the whole of the Chinese mainland in its firing range but also covers all overseas military bases that the Chinese military has been building around the Indo-Pacific. India’s need for further development of ICBMs or successors of the Agni-V shouldn’t be a priority since India now has a stable road-mobile ICBM that can be hidden anywhere in India and when required fired at any major city in China.

India needs to focus much more on the development of land-based hypersonic cruise missiles and hypersonic glide vehicles to up its offensive capabilities and can’t risk falling behind in its next-gen weapon system that China is progressing at rapid speed and already has deployed these weapon systems.

India which will soon start work on bigger S5 class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines need to focus on getting its long-range submarine-launched ballistic missile arsenal operational in the next 10 years as fears of war always remain but India might also need to fight a war that is far from its shores.

India should accelerate the development of the K-6SLBM which has a reported range of 6000km and start work on the K-7 or K-8 that can hit targets as far as 10000-12000km if India wants these submarines to be well hidden that it can provide India with second strike capabilities that it desires from its Nuclear command.

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