Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval Design, which was India’s foremost design and developmental agency for the subsurface warships and submarines in the country has now become the Warship Design Bureau (WDB) that now works as a separate entity that is independent of the Indian Navy.

Rear Admiral KM Bimal, a native of Thiruvananthapuram, has taken charge as the Director General of the Warship Design Bureau at the Naval Headquarters in New Delhi. With this, he became the first head of the Warship Design Bureau, which will design naval vessels, including submarines to meet the Indian Navy’s requirements.

Warship Design Bureau will still work in coordination with the Indian Navy but the funds will come now directly from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and report to them directly. As Made in India mantra grows, It has become critical to ensure that more resources are provided to the biggest nodal agency for the design and development of warships and submarines in the country due to which it has become a separate entity that will get more manpower resources and also additional fundings to reduce dependency on imports for locally made warships.

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