Indian Navy is looking to build a new generation of destroyers from a clean-sheet design and has started conceptual concept studies for the same that started in mid-2021 and plans are afoot to be ready with new design and configuration under the ” Project 18 ” that will have displacement for the 13,000 Standard tonnes for six warships that been planned at an estimated cost of 50000 crores.

The Next-Generation Destroyer (NGD) class warships will have a new hull design and superstructure that can accommodate heavier hypersonic missiles and laser systems. Navy along with DRDO is working on the new generation of directed energy weapons and high-power sensors that are being planned as informed to Indian Navy is supposed to start building the new ship from 2026-27, accordingly with induction planned for the first ship in 2032 onwards. The main focus now for the Navy seems to be the emergence of hypersonic missiles that will be a driving factor in the Navy’s desire to field a new large surface combatant that can accommodate ship-based hypersonic missiles.

The Navy is looking to field an Integrated Power System instead of a traditional gas-turbine propulsion system for massive power requirements that will be required to generate the power for directed energy and new sensors. Another key focus area is to develop a 25-50 kilowatt laser that would be powerful enough to interdict hostile guided missiles at close range, while the Navy will want to field laser systems that are 10 to 20 times more powerful than what is planned but it will be accommodated at later stages.

NGD will be the first to get a Universal Vertical Launch System (UVLS) that will remove complex issues of installing multiple Vertical Launch Systems based on the missiles system deployed on the warships. NGD in terms of weapons system will field Naval XRSAM Long Range air missile defense system since the integration of long-range air defense system will be one of the criteria that Navy is keen on, in terms of offensive weapons LRLACM (Long-Range Land Attack Cruise Missile ) with a range over 1500km along with Hypersonic cruise missile are planned.

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