The Indian Navy decommissioned the INS Sindhudhvaj, a Kilo-class submarine, yesterday without much fanfare setting in motion a process of phasing out of a class of boats that have formed the backbone of the navy’s undersea fleet for nearly three decades. INS Sindhudhvaj was acquired from the Soviet union in 1987 and after 35 years in service was retired.

Indian Navy’s Kilo submarine fleet is from 10 and is now down to 7 after INS Sindhurakshak, was lost in an accident in 2013 and a second, the Sindhuvir, was transferred to the Myanmar navy last year.

Each Kilo submarine has 30 years of sea operational life and three Kilo-class submarines got additional 10-year sea operational life after they got a second medium refit (MR) at a Russian shipyard a few years back. One more Kilo Class was to be sent to Russia for MR but it is not clear if it can be done due to ongoing arms and economic sanctions on the Russian state agencies due to the ongoing war with Ukraine.

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