The Ministry of Defence and the Indian Navy have issued a Request for Information (RFI) to procure approximately 40 (Forty) Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial Systems (NSUAS) for Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Sea lines of Communication (SLOC) monitoring, and Coastal/ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) surveillance, anti-piracy and anti-terrorism, assistance in Search and Rescue and assistance in Maritime Domain Awareness.

RFI wants NSUAS to be able to be launched from a ship and will be used for Surveillance including SIGINT, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance, and building MDA (Maritime Domain Awareness) around a Task Group. The secondary roles of NSUAS would include anti-piracy, anti-terrorist activities, and assisting in Search and Rescue (SAR).

Vendors are requested to supply software source codes for software used and the Availability of indigenous software is mandatory for running applications (especially critical components like Fire Control systems, Radars, Communications, Encryption sub-systems, etc).

NSUAS should have minimum endurance with a basic payload (EO/IR and AIS) of more than 10 hours and loiter time at 5,000 ft at 100 Km in Basic Configuration. NSUAS should be capable of night operations (including launch and recovery) from all IN ships with the ability to float in water and reuse air vehicles post-emergency ditching.

NSUAS also should be able to be transported by C-130 and C-17 aircraft. RFI delivery schedule for 40 NSUAS should be in a phased manner along with associated spares to be provided.

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